Akasha - The performance soundtrack

by Franck Goupil / Flood Veyor

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Why "Akasha"? This word designates the universe in Sanskrit. It refers to a space from which all energies emerge.

The idea for the Akasha show came from a quote from Jean-Jacques Rousseau :
"The climates, the seasons, the sounds, the colors, the darkness, the light, the elements, the food, the noise, the silence, the movement, the rest, everything acts on our machine and on our soul. "

The transmission of positive energies through creation. This is what the Akasha show attempts to stage. Comedians, dancers, singers, therapists all worked together with their differences (physical or psychic) to build an aesthetic and therapeutic universe.
It's all about balance in our quest for well-being. Whatever the obstacles, the differences, the challenges that life offers or imposes on us. To arrive at the creative “power”, the one that defines us as artist and actor of life.

Akasha represents the universe and the ether, our energetic relationship with it. The 4 elements, earth, water, fire and air, matter, through which our lives are emotionally linked. None can exist without the other.

Bringing together artists with multiple differences, including invisible disabilities, this performance therefore makes the bet of combining art, disability and scenic performance.

Accessible to hearing-impaired and blind audiences, this self-produced show consists of four “tableaux” of approximately 15 minutes, in which the relationship to natural elements (earth, water, fire and air) is highlighted. "It is art therapy, so the objective of the show is to arouse emotion," adds the initiator of the project. The idea is to create well-being. The show will start by first evoking the earth, rooting, ending with the air, with eighteen people on stage. "

The whole show is an original creation, from the soundtrack through the voices, the texts or even the choreography.
Original idea from Akasha Therapy: Association law 1901: designs of therapeutic shows adapted in France and abroad.


released March 30, 2017

The Performance Soundtrack

Music & lyrics by Franck Goupil.
All rights reserved.

Event date : 30/03/2017
Location of the show : Le Bascala theater, Bruguières, France

Project initiated by Alexia Lizardo
Musical director : Savitri de Rochefort
Vocalists : Savitri de Rochefort - Elisa Rodriguez - Nana Sawauchi - Claude Massoz - Richard Golian - Gaspard François
Vocal conductors : Savitri de Rochefort & Claude Massoz
Oboe : Gilles Rimauro
Harp : Pauline Hambye
Cello : Sylvain Rullier
Make-up artist : Max Herlant
Scenography : Valérie Boy
Spiritual connector : Christine Vallons
Special sponsor : Larrio Ekson


all rights reserved



Franck Goupil / Flood Veyor France

French music composer & sound engineer based in Paris.
Video games, short movies soundtracks, 3D CG animations and other sound designing projects makes him create ever more.
He also works on different projects like Flood Veyor, an electronic-orientated music.
All for music and (e)motions...

Official site : www.franckgoupil.com
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